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[pdf]Get Programming with Haskell.pdf2019-09-21 00:05 13M
[pdf]Haskell, The Craft of Functional Programming ( ).pdf2020-01-04 23:56 22M
[pdf]Haskell Financial Data Modeling and Predictive Analytics.pdf2019-09-21 00:31 1.6M
[pdf]Haskell Programming.pdf2019-09-20 23:26 2.7M
[pdf]Haskell Quick Syntax Reference.pdf2019-09-21 00:31 4.3M
[pdf]Learning Haskell Data Analysis.pdf2019-09-21 00:08 1.2M
[pdf]Learn You a Haskell for Great Good.pdf2019-09-21 00:19 15M
[pdf]Practical Concurrent Haskell.pdf2019-09-21 00:31 3.7M
[pdf]Practical Haskell, 2nd Edition.pdf2019-09-21 00:32 5.9M
[pdf]Practical Web Development with Haskell.pdf2019-09-21 00:32 3.1M
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