V7/x86 - x86 port of UNIX V7

The first public release of V7/x86, a port of UNIX* Version 7 to the x86 (IA-32) based PC, is now available. Most of the source code is under a Berkeley-style license.

The distribution includes the full UNIX Version 7 operating system, with source code, pre-built binaries, man pages, and original Version 7 documentation. Also included are a custom UNIX-style x86 assembler, an ACK-based C compiler, and several key early UCB software components such as the C shell, the editors ex and vi, and the pager more.

Please review copyright & license information. There is also an installation overview.

You can download the release from the download page. There is a separate documentation page, and bugs & issues information. Also a feedback page.

V7/x86 is also downloadable as a virtual machine and this is probably the easiest way to take a look at it.

A stripped down demo version of V7/x86, suitable for trying out under a PC emulator, is also available.

Caution: This is an x86 port of classic software that was first released during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Use at your own risk. The port has not as yet been subjected to extensive user testing.

*UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the US and other countries.