Ek C. C. History and License
Önceki IV. Oylum - Python Library Reference Sonraki
Ek C. C. History and License
1. C.1 History of the software
2. C.2 Terms and conditions for accessing or otherwise using Python
3. C.3 Licenses and Acknowledgements for Incorporated Software
3.1. C.3.1 Mersenne Twister
3.2. C.3.2 Sockets
3.3. C.3.3 Floating point exception control
3.4. C.3.4 MD5 message digest algorithm
3.5. C.3.5 Asynchronous socket services
3.6. C.3.6 Cookie management
3.7. C.3.7 Profiling
3.8. C.3.8 Execution tracing
3.9. C.3.9 UUencode and UUdecode functions
3.10. C.3.10 XML Remote Procedure Calls
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Ek B. B. Reporting Bugs Başlangıç C.1 History of the software
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